Toraja Arabica

This coffee crop is not too far off coming in from Toraja in Sulawesi. We have not in the past carried Toraja as quite frankly the bean is variable and often its difficult for us to buy from small holders. This year we have at least got one part of this equation right. We have been offered Toraja Arabica that has cupped very well. Although not one one of our own growers we have decided to carry limited stock.

This coffee cups thick and syrupy with a good level of fruitiness and a touch of toffee on the pallate. It has a very clean, crisp aftertaste. The body of the coffee is surprisingly heavy, and the aroma of caramel mixed with fresh herbs is unmistakable. To me there is a yeastiness and ripeness to this Toraja that reminds me of a good, aged Port. Perhaps it has something to do with the high sugar conent in the bean that carries through the roast.

We are hoping next year we will be able to offer our own Toraja Arabica- but for now this is an excellent compromise.