Coaching, Consulting & Academia

Initial Stage Consultancy
Are you planning on opening a cafe? Is it your first time in the hospitality or specialty coffee business? We can help work with you from developing an initial business plan to assisting with the design of both your retail outlet and bar area. Mistakes in these areas can prove costly later once you have opened your cafe/restaurant.

Barista Traning & Coaching 
How many times have you had a good espresso? Training is one area that is sadly lacking in the Specialty Coffee market in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia. We aim to provide basic barista training programmes either in our roaster or at the clients store. The programme covers machine basics as well as all the espresso based drink recipes. Price on application.

Screen Shot 2015 07 13 at 23.43.18Antipodean Academia
It is an ongoing resource and support platform that all baristas including cafe owners can rely on to success in the speciality coffee industry.