Kopi Luwak

After all the emails we have received over the last few years, finally we have decided to add Kopi Luwak to the range of Indonesian coffee we hold. Merdeka Coffee has entertained quite some characters over the years- all either filming, or searching for the Luwak. First it was Steve-O, Chris and the Wildboyz, then Prof Marcone, the world reknown Luwak expert. We have had some great fun with Kopi Luwak.

The Coffee we sell is Arabica- sourced from nearby villages around our original roastery in West Java and also from our small holders in Eastern Indonesia. The current crop is processed at origin and then processed again at our roastery before being roasted and packed.

The Kopi itself cups very differently from a standard washed Arabica. The  traits origins are still there in the cup, but some fruitiness- a touch of papaya and mango is also evident. The fruitiness could be a result of the other foods the Luwak eat- or it could be a result of the process as the coffee passes through the GI tract of the Luwak.

In any case the coffee is very mild and full bodied. A interesting cup in more ways than one.